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Our Story

Our founders, Rea and Vishesh, united at UC Berkeley over a shared commitment to drive positive social change. As they co-served on leadership boards for various nonprofits, their connection deepened, fueling a commitment to transformative action. Their vision, a beacon of hope, centers on empowering rural Indian women with the formidable tools of education and financial independence.

In the vast tapestry of possibilities, they see the potential for renewable energy to be the catalyst for economic growth in the very communities they seek to support. This idea has taken root, nurtured by uncountable long conversations, hopes that transcend barriers, and aspirations that know no bounds.

And so, Solara has emerged—a testament to the synergy of minds committed to change, a culmination of tireless efforts to build and strengthen communities, and a deep-seated concern for our planet. In the humble guise of a project, it embodies the power of collective dreams, moving with purpose toward a brighter, more sustainable future for the underprivileged and the world we all share.

Our advisors

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India: +91 8849464134

United States: +1 (978) 844-7116

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